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Candid footage of Timothy Leary

Published 1990

This is video footage of a visit that Leary made with some people on May 13, 1990.

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: adelyteful1 - - February 19, 2009
Subject: This is a video of Timothy with his granddauther's family
Well ya'll need to do more research because the little girl Sarah is Timothy's granddaugghter (Susan Leary's youngest child.)

This wasn't some strange black family but his granddauther's adopted family.

When Timmy went to pick her up he just happened to have the video camera and decided to let them play with it.

Timmy loved Sarah (actually all of us, I'm Timothy's oldest grandchild Dieadra)

Please make sure to label these correctly or ask someone if you need help.

Reviewer: rmjon23 - - February 16, 2009
Subject: 6 yrs to the day before Tim died
I've read a lot of books by and about Timothy Leary. A LOT. I've also seen numerous anecdotes about him, from wildly far-flung sources. This one was yet another Leary I hadn't seen, and wonderfully surreal. The details are mysterious. Who the black family is, I have no idea. I don't know why Tim is there in that neighborhood, apparently letting this family use his camcorder. I don't really wanna know. It's dreamlike stuff. The logic of it - taking into account the sum of my waking thoughts about Leary the thinker and doer...well, this is dreamlike in that I just didn't bargain for this: Yes, here's Leary in a middle class neighborhood, palling around with a happy black family, lending them his camcorder. Grandma comes out of the house, and Tim, in his loud jacket advertising HAIR, pronounces the grandma "Grandmother of the Year." Later, we hear he needs coffee. Bizarro! I LOVE this! 'Cuz it's so..."Whaaaaa....?"